Leaving el campo (temporarily!)

Last week I was visited by some of my favorite people in the entire world – 75% of the Hawkes lab showed up at Horizontes! We had a great time, despite the fact that I almost killed them with heatstroke on a hike that turned out way longer than expected.


Hiking through Horizontes


Cabuyal, celebrating the fact that we survived a 5 hour hike at 95 degrees.

Unfortunately, the length of the hike badly exacerbated a low-level pain in my left knee that had been bothering me for weeks. After visiting three Costa Rican hospitals,* I decided to fly back to the States for a diagnosis. It turns out I have a rare condition called osteochondritis dissecans, which is a very fancy way of saying that I won’t be walking for quite a while.

*Hospital Cima – 5/5 for rich tourists needing botox and teeth whitening; 1/5 for people with actual medical problems

Liberia public hospital – 0/5 – don’t even ask

Clínica Biblia – actually ok. 4/5, would visit again! Wish they had an X-ray, though.

Because I doubt that most people are interested in hearing any more about my femoral condyles, I probably won’t update this blog until I get back to Costa Rica. I hope that occurs sooner rather than later -it’s been three days, and I already desperately miss my jungle adventures. On the bright side, I have excellent doctors here in Minnesota, and I’m anticipating a full recovery!


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