A tour of the field house


This is my new friend, the frog who lives in our shower. I will spare you photos of the rest of our extremely primitive bathroom… you’re welcome.

I would like to dedicate this post to Sun Country airlines, who turned a blind eye to the fact that four out of my five giant suitcases were over the weight limit. Thanks guys!

The move-in is finally complete and the house looks great! Here’s a little tour of the cabina where I’ll spend the next twelve months.

When I signed on to this post-doc position, the house looked like this:


As you can imagine, I had some trepidations about moving in. But six months of hard work transformed the ancient farmhouse into this:


Check out the awesome porch! I foresee many cerveza-fueled ping pong games taking place on this porch in the future.

I spent all day yesterday cleaning the common area in what used to be the farmhouse proper. It is now my brand spanking new biogeochemistry lab. You can tell because I wrote ‘lab space’ on some masking tape to indicate where Science will be performed:


Originally, Cafe Baghdad’s ‘kitchen’ consisted of a fire pit with a malfunctioning chimney. But now we have an adorable kitchen and dining area, complete with a distiller to make DI water for our lab:



We have a minor frog infestation in our kitchen sink… to paraphrase Mitch Hedburg, it is the cutest infestation ever.

My bedroom comes with a scenic view of the bodega next door. I absolutely love the curtains – they were hand-made by my advisor:


That concludes the grand tour! Prepare for an onslaught of animal photos over the next few days. Taking photos is very convenient since all the local iguanas, tarantulas, geckos, etc. have been making themselves at home in Cafe Baghdad as well.


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