A week from tomorrow I leave for Costa Rica, where I’ll spend the next year studying how tropical forests respond to climate change. I will live and work at the Estación Experimental Forestal Horizontes in a converted farmhouse known affectionately as ‘Cafe Baghdad.’  (The name derives from its original…. ‘rustic’ appearance, though it has since been refurbished.) Horizontes promises to be an incredible place to do research, but it presents a few logistical challenges; for one, I’ll be building a biogeochemistry lab pretty much from scratch.  This means I’ll be racking up some pretty terrifying luggage fees trying to fit all this on a plane:

Photo on 1-16-14 at 3.50 PM

Luckily, Horizontes is located near the aptly named ‘Do It Center’ in Liberia, so there will be easy access to miles of PVC tubing and duct tape – essentials for any field biologist. As long as I can fit my snake boots somewhere in my suitcase, I should be good to go!


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